Press London Juice Cleanse

I’ve just completed my second ever juice cleanse – this time opting for two days, rather than three like my last one, with a third day only eating fruit, vegetables and nuts which was a lot cheaper than a day of juices!

I did it for a couple of reasons – I’d eaten quite a lot of junk in the preceeding few weeks and was feeling a bit sluggish, and with a holiday coming up, I wanted to feel like I was firing on all cylinders again. I also loved that last time, after I’d finished I was far more inclined to eat healthily afterwards, so I hoped to kickstart some healthy habits again!

I went with the Press London Intermediate Cleanse, which was £105 for two days. For that, I got four 500ml juices per day, two 330ml cleansing waters, and two 330ml nut milks, all delivered to my house the night before I was due to start. The juices come with a suggested schedule of when to drink each one, and each juice is numbered so you have them in the right order.

The Juices

The waters were fine. Charcoal lemonade, which you have first thing, seems a bit weird when you look at it (I’m not sure I’ve had a black drink before?!) but it tastes fine, as does the citrus wcharcoal lemonadeater in the evening. I’m not sure I’d buy them on their own, although charcoal lemonade is meant to be good for a hangover, so maybe..!

The juices were mostly awesome. Greenhouse 1 – Original Green is delicious, and Garden 2 – Clean Beet is weirdly spicy in a really good way! The ginger gives it a really good kick. Greenhouse 3 – Lean Green (which there were two of each day) I didn’t enjoy so much – it’s basically just liquid lettuce, and I found it quite boring and slightly bitter. I consoled myself with the knowledge that it was probably horribly good for me.

The nut milks were AMAZING. I could drink them all day. They really are just like healthy milkshakes – a chocolate one in the morning, and a vanilla one later on. They were really satisfying and made a huge difference to the cleanse, appearing in the schedule right when you were most hungry!

The Pros

For the most part, I really enjoyed the juices so it wasn’t a challenge to drink most of them. I also loved not having to think about what to eat each day or when – it was all right there in front of me. My “fruit and veg day” was also planned ahead of time so that it was equally easy.

My skin looked a lot brighter after the three days, and the bags under my eyes definitely weren’t as dark! That might partly because I slept incredibly soundly each night, which was lush.

I lost a couple of pounds – water weight, I’m sure, but enough to feel more comfortable in a particularly tight skirt!

Finally, I definitely felt the benefit of a few days totally away from processed foods. I’m far more inclined to eat well now, going for fruit for breakfast on the couple of days I’ve had post-cleanse, and vegetable-based dinners. That said, having lived off of juice for a few days also felt like a good excuse to indulge when cakes appeared in the office, so swings and roundabouts!

The Cons

I couldn’t drink all the juices each day, ending up with a couple of bottles left over for the days after the cleanse. I just felt like I was drinking constantly, to the point where it got a bit uncomfortable, especially as you have to drink water as well (and you really feel it if you don’t – I couldn’t believe I could be living on juice and still feel dehydrated!).

It’s a lot of juice to carry around with you into work or wherever you’re going. You also have to keep it cool, which was a pain when I had to go elsewhere for a meeting before work one day, with a bag full of juice and ice packs because I didn’t have access to a fridge. It might have been better to do it when I’d have been home a lot, but I was worried that a lack of distraction would make it harder!

The sugar withdrawal headache on Day One wasn’t pleasant, but I was glad I’d started cutting down on processed stuff a few days earlier as that made a big difference – on my first juice cleanse I didn’t do that, and the headache was absolutely awful. I was also SO HUNGRY. On my previous cleanse, hunger wasn’t an issue until day three, but that one had a soup at lunch and dinner. Even though those soups were really watery, I wonder if just having something that felt a bit more like food helped with feeling satisfied. I ended up going to bed early on the first day just to stop thinking about how much I wanted pizza. For a couple of days though, it was perfectly manageable. Maybe I’d have been less hungry if I could have faced all the juices.. I also didn’t get the massive energy high that some people talk about, though I wasn’t lacking in energy either – I even managed a Buti Yoga class in there!

Final Thoughts

I really like juice cleanses, for a few days – they’re so good for a reset and to kickstart some healthier habits. I’d definitely do this one again – I really enjoyed most of the juices, and even the one I wasn’t a big fan of was perfectly fine. And even though they aren’t cheap, I think this one is pretty good value compared to some I’ve seen. They also do a one day cleanse, which might be a good way to try it out if you’ve been wondering!


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