An introduction

I’m Louise. I’m in my thirties, I’m single with no kids and I finally moved to London in February 2016 after thinking about it for about a decade. I found a place in a flat with a lovely couple and spend a lot of time staring over the view of the city and eating rich tea biscuits with peanut butter on.

I’ve been throwing myself into London life, making the most of every minute living and working in the best city in the world. I’ve been having an amazing time, but a few months ago, around my 32nd birthday, I hit a wall after spending too much time trying to do everything and be everything, and not enough time handling the things that weren’t quite so awesome. Six weeks taking my foot off the accelerator a bit, sleeping and reading and writing and not a lot else outside of work got me my energy and enthusiasm back, and I’m ready to jump back in.

This time, though, I’m using this blog to force me to stop and look around every once in a while

I intend for this blog to be several things:

  • A chance for me to pour some of the imaginary conversations I have with myself everyday onto a page and make some sense of them.
  • Somewhere to remember all the ridiculous and wonderful and mundane things I have the opportunity to do as a thirty-something newly living in London.
  • An opportunity to practice my writing skills ready for when I retire early to lounge around drinking prosecco in the afternoons and penning witty columns and intriguing novels that thrill and enthral people for generations to come.

Hopefully it won’t turn into:

  • A daily rant about people who don’t understand tube etiquette.
  • An in-depth analysis of why none of my dates work out.
  • A reason to get sacked from my job.

Wish me luck!


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